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Interested In Starting a Photo Booth Business? Here are 4 Ways to Learn About the Photo Booth Industry

Getting started with a photo booth business, much like any other business out there, requires doing some initial research.  To help you, Booth Report compiled 4 convenient ways on how you can keep the fire burning as you start exploring the photo booth industry.

Podcast for Photo Booth Businesses

Listening to podcasts is a great way to passively build your knowledge of the industry and potential business opportunity. You can listen while you do your chores, while you drive, while you work out, etc. Thoughts and ideas will come naturally as you reflect on the topics that were discussed in the podcast.

For aspiring photo booth entrepreneurs, Super Boothers is your best option. It is the #1 photo booth business podcast in the world, listened to in over 90 countries. Super Boothers covers all facets of the business  through industry insights, in-depth discussions, and interviews with eminent figures in the photo booth business world.

Hosted by Ryan Salinas and Ismail Humet, Super Boothers will help you navigate on the in’s and outs, tips, tricks, and strategies of owning and operating a photo booth business.

You may check out over 200 episodes of Super Boothers for free on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher.

Other podcasts you may want to consider as well:

  • Bound To Be Rich – This podcast is hosted by Ismail, the co-host of Super Boothers and the Founder of the Booth Report. While he interviews all sorts of entrepreneurs, there are a number of in-depth interviews with titans in the photo booth industry. Check out this interview with Sam Eitzen, co-founder of Snapbar where he discusses how he scaled his photo booth business into a multi million dollar operation.
Super Boothers Podcast
  • Booth’ish – This podcast is hosted by the founder of Pic Pic Social, Seye Omisore (who was also interviewed by Ismail on Bound to be Rich here). Seye also interviews other photo boothers to extract insights you can apply in your business.

Photo Booth Communities on Facebook

Joining Facebook groups for photo booth business owners is highly beneficial for photo booth newbies. Simply being part of the community and participating in discussions will help you become more knowledgeable as you start building your own photo booth business.

Interested in joining photo booth communities on Facebook? Check out Photo Booth Network and Photo Booth Community and get yourself surrounded with supportive photo booth entrepreneurs focused on growth.

If you have a photo booth question in mind, the ‘search this group’ feature comes in handy in accessing past group discussions. If there are no results, you are very much encouraged to start the discussion by posting. Just remember to be mindful of the rules for each group.

Photo Booth Business Newsletter

How about a free email list curated only for photo booth entrepreneurs? Yes, there is one!

The Booth Report is a monthly newsletter focused on helping you start and grow your photo booth business. You can stay on top of the latest trends and news while also getting new ideas from all the exclusive content, industry tips, and thought-provoking topics that Booth Report sends straight to your inbox for free.

You can also get access to exclusive discounts and special offers for photo booth equipment, courses, and events. So if you want to stay on top of all the latest news in the industry and grow your photo booth business, you should definitely join!

You may also read the past issues of Booth Report here.

YouTube Videos

YouTube has almost become the new modern day search engine for anything educational, so it is no surprise that there are channels focused on photo boothers.

These four ways to access free resources about the photo booth business will help you in setting your business up for success. The sky’s really the limit for entrepreneurs who focus on learning from the best.

Learn from the best and grow your photo booth business.


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