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Can Your Competition Be An Asset?

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    Competition – Friend or Foe?

    I had the privilege of speaking at the Women’s conference at PBX and there was a question exchange that stuck with me.

    One of the attendees was explaining that she had a fear of training new employees because she feels like she may be training her future competition.

    As soon as she said it, several people in the room agreed and it prompted me to share a story that helped me personally reframe my mindset around this.

    A friend of mine is a contractor and had an employee that he truly invested in training and developing. He took him under his wing.

    One day, this employee quit to start his own construction business.

    My first reaction to my friend was “Wow! After everything you’ve done for him? How does that make you feel?!

    I’m happy for him!“, my friend said.


    How can I blame him for wanting the same thing I want? I also was ambitious and left a job to start my own thing. And now… I have someone I can subcontract work to that I trust.

    How powerful is that?

    We’re all entrepreneurs. How can we feel upset with people going down the same path as us? 

    But it’s that last part that really did it for me.

    He wasn’t training a competitor.

    He trained a future partner.

    One that he trusts because he knows his quality of work. After all, he’s the one who trained him.

    This is an example of running through life with a mindset based on fear and scarcity… or one based on abundance.

    There’s more than enough work to go around.

    What’s harder to find is great people to work with.

    Don’t throw that away just because your feelings were hurt (because someone chose to do the same thing you did).

    This exchange inspired me to do something I haven’t done before.

    I’m sharing a presentation from PBNY for free only to subscribers of the Booth Report.

    Zach Schiffman and John Tanico did a wonderful presentation on white labeling.

    (I’ll take this page down before the next issue comes out next month so I advise you watch it as soon as possible.)

    I personally worked A LOT with my local “competitors”. They gave me a ton of work when they were overbooked and I did the same with jobs I couldn’t fulfill.

    I found white labeling to be a great intermediate step if you don’t feel ready just yet to hire someone but have more work than you can handle.

    It’s been a game changer for me and I hope it is for you too.

    All I ask in return is that you share the Booth Report with a friend!

    Click the image above for the full 1 hour FREE presentation (for a limited time only).

    Got work?

    On that note… are you based in Las Vegas and looking for more work? Email Nicholas (info in image above).

    If you keep your eyes open, you’ll find that a lot of the bigger names in the industry are constantly looking for white label partners to help them with nationwide activations.

    It pays to network with “competitors” and start viewing them as partners.


    In conclusion, this conference raised a crucial question about competition—friend or foe? The fear of training potential rivals was a shared concern among attendees.

    However, a powerful story shared during the discussion shifted the narrative. A contractor, after investing in training an employee who later started his own business, embraced an abundance mindset. Instead of a competitor, he gained a trustworthy partner.

    This mindset shift inspired the speaker to offer a free presentation on white labeling through the Booth Report. The concept of white labeling, a beneficial intermediate step for handling excess work, is highlighted.

    The speaker encourages sharing this valuable resource and stresses the importance of viewing competitors as potential partners. The message is clear: collaboration is key, and an abundance mindset opens doors to success.

    In conclusion, the entrepreneurial landscape thrives on collaboration, and fostering partnerships is a game-changer.

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