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How to Survive Inflation as a Photo Booth Business Owner

Inflation is a critical economic factor that affects businesses in several ways. Essentially, it means the dollar (or whatever your currency is), is devaluing because there is much more of it being pumped into the system. This translates into higher costs… for everything.


Of course this has major ramifications to you and your family’s personal finances. If you’re interested in learning more about that angle, here’s a popular podcast explaining “Why Cash Is Trash… And What To Do About It.”


But here, we will focus on inflation’s impact in the photo booth industry, which relies heavily on equipment, supplies, and labor to operate fully.

The Cost of Capturing Memories is Getting Pricier 

As the general price level increases, the cost of photo booth essentials also increases. This means that photo booth business owners may need to spend more money on paper, ink, and other consumables. Expenses like gas for logistics goes up as well.


These changes will have to reflect on your rate because profitability and sustainability is at risk.

Inflation = Labor Challenges 

As the cost of living increases due to inflation, the wages of photo booth attendants may also need to increase in order to keep up. This leads to higher payroll for your photo booth business. 


It can also be challenging to retain trained photo booth attendants because they may look for other jobs that offer higher pay. Replacing them would require effort and additional training cost.


Ryan and Laelia Lee from Fun Frame Photo were kind enough to share their experiences in the video clip below:

Another scenario is inflation causing photo booth businesses to reduce workforce which may result in decreased productivity and revenue.


Booking clients amidst inflation

Changes in client behavior can occur due to inflation. As the cost of living increases, consumers may prioritize their spending differently, opting for cheaper options or resorting to none at all. This means that photo booth businesses may experience a decrease in demand for their service.


How can photo booth businesses survive inflation?

$1,000 today is not the same as $1,000 3 years ago.

You must raise your prices in order to survive.


This isn’t the typical advice from 2019 encouraging you to raise your rates in order to make more money. If you don’t raise your rates… your business is in grave danger.

Inflation alone is increasing prices across the board and reducing the purchasing power of your revenue. But once you layer in the labor shortages and supply shocks increasing the cost of labor and materials… raising your prices is no longer a luxury. It is an absolute necessity.


The positive here is that there has never been an environment in which it was easier to get away with raising your rates. Clients have become conditioned to it and almost expect it.


In contrast to the point earlier where clients may shy away from renting a photo booth, the feedback from boothers around the world is that they are surprised with how little push back they have been getting from raising rates.


The photo booth industry has historically suffered from a race to the bottom mentality. Now is the time for us to race to the top.


Here are some free content that may help you in your quest to raise prices:


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Catalina Bloch from Photobooth Supply Co. also discussed pricing in the video below:

In conclusion, inflation can have a significant impact on photo booth businesses, affecting their equipment and supply costs, labor costs, pricing, and consumer behavior. To mitigate the impact of inflation, photo booth businesses must adjust their rates accordingly. By doing so, photo booth businesses can remain competitive and still earn while providing high-quality services to their clients.

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