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What Made The Difference.

What Made The Difference

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives? It isn’t a question of will power: that one person wants success and the other doesn’t. Or that one simply tried harder.

The difference lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge.

Research shows that one of the most predictive factors of success is having access to the right knowledge.

But just as critical is staying away from the wrong knowledge. The wrong knowledge can cripple any dreams you had of success.

One of the best examples I’ve come across recently of this was the fleas in a jar experiment. I found it incredibly fascinating and it forced me to re-evaluate what I expose myself to.

Scientists placed fleas in a jar and put a lid on the jar for three days.

After three days, they removed the lid.

But… the fleas never jumped out of the jar again.

So the scientists tried removing the jar completely.

They still never jumped any higher.

The worst part is that their offspring and future generations would never jump higher either.

After only 3 days of the lid limiting them… they were conditioned as to how high they could jump for the rest of their lives (as well as their children’s)!

How incredible is that?

Makes you wonder: what limiting beliefs do YOU have?

What information do you expose yourself to? What people do you surround yourself with?

Exposure to the wrong knowledge is even more impactful (in a negative way) than exposure to the right knowledge. Because it creates such permanent limitations.

And that is why I strongly suggest you take a look at Booth Mastermind. Because that is the whole purpose of it: to give attendees the right knowledge – knowledge that they can use to succeed in their photo booth business.

There are things you simply can’t “figure out on your own” or learn from a Facebook group.

A Conference Unlike Any Other


You see, Booth Mastermind is a unique conference. It has been carefully crafted to give you everything you need to claim your place in the top 1% of the industry.

Quality Speakers – There has never been a better lineup of speakers ever assembled in our industry. You want to learn from people who have actually been where you want to go. 7 figure entrepreneurs, world renowned experts… learn from them directly!

Hands on Training – The leading vendors in our industry are sending their best educators to give you hands on training on how to best utilize their software/hardware. In order to get those high paying gigs, you first need to know how to actually do them.

Networking – Spend two days with the very best in our industry. By keeping the audience purposefully small, you can get 1 on 1 facetime with speakers and fellow attendees. How valuable to get direct advice on the things YOU are struggling with most? How valuable would it be to find potential partners who can outsource work to you?

Awards Show – It’s time we recognize people in our industry who are doing great work. Enter yourself for a variety of awards to be judged by our panel (Cherie Irwin, Minh Nguyen & Tanya Vahrenkamp). P.S. it’ll be followed by an epic closing party ūüėČ

The categories are Newcomer Of The Year, Booth Team Of the Year, Best Use of Innovation, Best Marketing Activation Output and Best Wedding Output.

Food/Fun – Swag bags. Daily lunch + snacks. Networking events in the evenings. Closing party with special surprises & entertainment. A one of a kind content creation area set up by one of the most creative boothers in the industry

PBX Discount – Booth Mastermind attendees also receive a huge discount to attend PBX

And much more! See the full schedule here ->

The Best Investment You’ll Make in 2023

It’s almost impossible to pack more value into a weekend.


The craziest part is that you can access all that for: 

  • less than what you make from ONE booking (what you should be making at least)
  • <$2 a day (a daily cup of coffee!)

As an education expense, it’s even tax deductible!

So what’s the risk?

In the absolute worst case… you make new friends and have a great time.

And the best case… well I’ll leave that to your imagination.


The key to success often hinges on the knowledge one possesses and how it’s applied.

The analogy of fleas in a jar highlights the lasting impact of exposure to the right or wrong knowledge. Enter Booth

Mastermind, a conference tailored for the photo booth business, offering quality speakers, hands-on training, networking, and recognition.

It’s more than a business investment; it’s a transformative experience at a minimal cost compared to potential gains. By challenging limiting beliefs and providing access to the right knowledge, Booth Mastermind becomes a pivotal step for personal and professional growth in the industry.

Learn from the best and grow your photo booth business.


Booth Report is dedicated on one thing: helping YOU grow your photo booth business.