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Here are the conferences featuring top industry experts and successful business owners sharing insights, tips, and strategies to succeed in the industry.

February 18-19, 2023

Booth Mastermind hosts some of the greatest minds in the photo booth industry. Hear directly about how they got to where they are, and the tips and tricks that they used that can make the difference in your own journey to the top 1%.

AUGUST 1-2, 2023

BoothCon 2023 is bringing international and Aussie Photo Boothers together to learn, share, laugh, but most of all, make the industry better.

SEPTEMBER 18-19, 2023

The world’s largest trade show for photo booth rental companies, manufacturers, and suppliers comes to London!

JUNE 5-7, 2023

The Event Industry Expo (EIX) is the largest trade show and conference for event rental companies, manufacturers & suppliers in North America.

NOVEMBER 6-8, 2023

Wedding MBA brings together the largest group of

wedding professionals on the globe.

Learn from the best and grow your photo booth business.


Booth Report is dedicated on one thing: helping YOU grow your photo booth business.